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Financial Reporting

JPQS Pty Limited is well acquainted with the many logistic issues associated with Project Delivery. We have developed long standing relationships with clients and pride ourselves on understanding and fulfilling our client’s individual needs. We firmly believe that for a project to succeed everyone involved from the client and consultants, to the subcontractors, suppliers and of course ourselves as the project managers, must act in harmony. We must all be “partners” in the process of delivering a project.

JPQS Pty Limited has an outstanding record in the Project Management of projects, which through total commitment in the minimisation of procrastination by taking assertive steps to ensure effective project control is maintained throughout the course of the project. This is not necessarily achieved through efficiency alone, but combined with personal service, commitment to excellence, integrity and dedication we provide the real basis for client satisfaction.

JPQS Pty Limited’s Project Management philosophy is continually reviewed to incorporate technical development and latest industry standards to suite the requirements for each project and each individual client. Through consistent application of our Project Management skills, experience, and personal commitment, we provide a superior quality service with effective performance. We encourage co-operation, resourcefulness and attention to detail in all our personnel. The focus is always on the interest of the project, seeking constantly to improve it, to do it better, and to ensure the best for both the project and the client.

JPQS Pty Limited is pleased to present this company profile for your information, and trust that the contents illustrate the range of projects that the company has successfully Project Managed.